Programs that can set your Mac screen resolution to extra hires modes.

First, try Apple's solution: (free) 

open System Preferences and option-click the "Scaled" radio button. 

(Doesn’t display every good resolution, especially on Monterey 12.2.)

If you wish Apple to support more modes officially, please submit feedback - it is the only thing they listen to.

—— Then, if that doesn't work well, and you're on Apple Silicon, try:

BetterDummy: (donations accepted)

This hack enables virtually any resolution on the (plain) M1 I tried it on.  

Also said to help on M1 Max with 6k display too.

or possibly

SwitchResX $16 (lots of scary options)

Powerful and complicated. Has a free ten day trial. Max resolution people have been able to get with it on M1: x=~3730


—— Or if you have Intel:

Resolutionator $3, free trial (okay) 

Good support.

To show even more resolutions, hold down Option in prefs and choose Show All Resolutions. 

QuickRes $15 (nice)

Steve Wozniak and I use this. 

Poor support.

——— not recommended:

RDM, Retina DisplayMenu (old), Displays, ResXtreme, Display Maestro,

ResolutionTab, Display Menu, EasyRes, Resolution Switcher, Resolvo, SetResX/Displaymaster, Pupil, DisableMonitor 

revised February 7, 2022